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Ease JukeboxEase Jukebox - FAQ
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How can I close 'About' windows?
Please click your left-mouse on the about windows and then the windows will be closed.

What is the difference between ID3 V1 Tag and ID3 V2 Tag?
ID3 V1 Tag is the 128-byte ending information of audio file which includes Title,Artist,Album,Comment,Genre,Year and Track Number while ID3 V2 Tag is the head of audio file which can contain more information.

Why can't ID3 Editor clear out some files' ID3 V2 Tags?
It is because these files aren't according to the industry standard for they may have been edited by some outdated softwares. More and more softwares are according to the ID3 V2 industry standard now.

I am having trouble downloading the software. It cuts off before the download is finished. How can I get a complete copy of the software?
Unfortunately, some ISPs experience packet loss when downloading larger files. Other than trying the download again at another time, you would likely have more success by using the multiple-file download option on the downloads page.

My created WMA file is invalid, why?
If you can't create WMA or get empty WMA files, please download WMFADist.exe and wmfdist.exe.

When I try to connect to the CDDB, nothing gets. What's wrong?
Please remember that you must be connected to the Internet to take advantage of the CDDB. Our software set the time for looking for DB information by setting the "time out" on the CDDB page. When your internet speed is slow and the looking time is beyond this time, the message "can not find freedb info " will also show. If your internet speed is fast, then it is a FreeDB servers problem. Sometimes the servers are out of service.You can set freedb mirrors as a Server Address. The list of mirrors you can find on

About LAME.
Ease Jukebox using LAME Encoder for MP3 encoding. Please visit for more inofmation about LAME.

About Ogg Vorbis.
Ogg Vorbis codec! Ogg Vorbis is a new patent-free, open-source audio compression codec. Please visit for more information about Ogg Vorbis.

While attempting to convert a WMA file, an error message appear. What could be the problem?
Unfortunately, a major inconvenience with the WMA file at present is that many files are protected, or locked. As far as we know, protected WMA files cannot be converted with any software. Some WMA files are intentionally protected, while others are automatically protected upon creation by the producing software.

Why in the end part of my created file, there is some sound like a record that skips occasionally?
Please go to the setting windows and uncheck the 'Normailze to'.

How do I record from a LP or cassette?
Ease Jukebox's Recorder feature can be used to record from any available source. Therefore, you must make the necessary hardware connection from your stereo or other source device to your sound card. Now, within the Recorder, select the connection used on your sound card as the input source for recording. Start playback on your stereo or other device, and click the record button on the Recorder window. When the audio content playback is complete, press Stop on the Recorder. If you'd prefer to save the recording directly to the format you like, before recording, click the 'Option' button or click File > Option and select the format in the Format list and set the parameters you want your files have. You can define the setting to be automatically used for future recordings.

Can all CD-ROM drives convert CD to WAV, MP3, OGG or WMA?
Although most current CD-ROM drives can convert digitally, only CD-ROM drives that support the Redbook audio format and have a reasonable level of seeking accuracy can convert tracks from CDs to disk in digital format. Many older CD-ROM drives, and some new ones, do not support this capability.

Converting from CD produces poor results. What do you recommend to achieve the best quality output possible?
Conversion output quality is affected by two factors: CD-ROM drive and system processing power. For best conversion performance, do the following:
Avoid simultaneously running other applications which would drain the CPU's power (graphics programs, scanners, other compressors, etc.)
Avoid simultaneously running other applications which are writing to the hard drive.
Certain configurations which cause the operating system to crash, such as low memory or several open windows, will also affect the quality of conversion output.

I am using the CD Writer, but nothing seems to be written to disc, once conversion is complete. Do you have information on this issue?
Unfortunately, if this is the case, your drive most likely does not support the raw data threading method for writing data to CD. We have developed the CD Writer using the method that works for the majority of drives available. However, some drives use proprietary methods or nonstandard initialization commands, and therefore are not supported. If this is the case, the drive comes bundled with software, usually Adaptec Easy CD Creator, which has been branded for and customized to work specifically with your drive. Therefore, you are probably better off using this software for the writing step of the process. Of course, you can still use our Ease Jukebox to convert from CD or convert your WAV files to the correct quality, with the MP3/OGG/WMA to WAV Converter, and then use Adaptec Easy CD Creator, or alternate software, that is bundled with your drive.

I writer audio files to CD with the CD Writer. The CD plays properly on my computer, but it does not play in my normal CD player. What am I doing wrong?
Unfortunately, not all CD players can handle CD-R discs. When creating custom CDs to play in your home or car stereo system, make sure that you purchase CD-R discs, and check the insert before buying to ensure they are designed for audio track content. This greatly increases the ability to play on various CD player types. In general, avoid generic CD-R discs, as they are the least likely to work in a home or car stereo.

What is the update/upgrade policy for Ease Jukebox?
ALL updates AND upgrades are free! Ease Jukebox support unlimit update and upgrade.

Lost Registration Code Policy
If you register and, for whatever reason, you do not receive an email with a registration code or if you have formatted your hard drive and cannot find your registration code, simply email us: and we will resend your code as soon as possible. Remember to tell us your order ID.

I have purchased Ease Jukebox. What happens if I format my computer or my system crashes? Will the Product ID change and my unlock code no longer work?
With the current version of Ease Jukebox, the Product ID does not change if you format your computer or your system crashes. Therefore, your register info will still be valid, and you should not need new purchase information.

I have purchased a registration code and its not accepting it!!!
Please make sure you are using the correct register info. Our register info will be sent as 'Register Name: *** Register Code:*** '. Please try to copy our register info instead of typing it one by one letter, for it is difficult to identify letter 'l' from number '1' and identify letter 'o' from number '0'.

I have not received my registration code! Isn’t it about time!
Do not panic! In many cases, there may be a processing delay. Sometimes, people have supplied the wrong email address. In rare cases, the registered users are unreachable due to mis-configured email clients or privacy control.

What are the requirements for Ease Jukebox?
Windows 95 (with Service Pack 1), Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, or Windows XP.
Hardware Requirements:
Minimum: Intel® Pentium® class 200 MHz processor or better; 128 MB RAM; 50 MB Hard Drive space; 4x CD-ROM drive or better; Sound Blaster-compatible sound card and speakers/headphones; SVGA or higher color video display card (minimum resolution 800x600); Internet connection for CDDB access, ordering, and support.
Recommended: Intel® Pentium® II class 400 MHz MMX or better; 128 MB RAM or more; 50 MB Hard Drive space; 12x CD-ROM drive; Sound Blaster-compatible sound card and speakers/headphones; CD-Writer (for creating audio CDs); 16-bit color video card; Internet connection for CDDB access, ordering, and support.

How do I uninstall Ease Jukebox?
To uninstall Ease Jukebox, click Start from the Windows Taskbar, go into Settings/Control Panels/Add/Remove Programs and select Ease Jukebox from the Install/Uninstall tab.

If you have any comments or concerns about Ease Jukebox, feel free to email to, or direct them on Your feedback is important to us. Many of Ease Jukebox's features and significant portions of Ease Jukebox's interface and function have been heavily influenced by comments from users. So if you have a grand idea for a new feature, or a better way of doing something, please drop us a note.

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